Who we are

Raízes - Quem Somos

The belief in traditional culture as a source of (in)formation for Brazilian artists, and as a primary material for universal artistic creation, forms the foundation for all Raízes da Tradição (Roots of Tradition) actions. A multidisciplinary centre formed in 1998, that works towards researching, cataloging, acknowledging, circulating, and valorizing the various living expressions of cultural identity and the full spectrum of cultural diversity including; performing arts, traditional knowledge, intangible heritage and indigenous cultures.

Raizes da Tradição works to build new approaches for the examination of the various meanings of art in contemporary and traditional societies. The conceptual matrix of our work focuses on lived experience, field research, the distinctions between global homogenization and the living expression of the people´s cultures.

The achievements of The National Seminary For Living Cultural Expressions are the culmination of a continuing strategic plan to disseminate living cultural expresssions, in order to investigate and support those cultures which are unknown to the majority of the Brazilian people, as part of a country which still lacks knowledge about itself.

Reflecting the creative multiplicity of the country, the seminary helps to give form to, what has been globally conceived as, cultural diversity. This sets the stage for a solid initial step by governments, cultural professionals and civil society, for dialogue and deep reflection on the values of diverse identities and an aknowledgement of their importance.

We must thank all the artists and traditional masters who contribute to our on-going work as well as all those in the Raizes da Tradição family. Together we are able to continue working for change.

Ana Paula Jones

Director of Raizes da Tradição